Clouds & Dirt
In a previous post, I spoke about player/coach balance. Those thoughts are focused on people. “Clouds and Dirt” is focused on strategy. Clouds represent the high-level vision. Dirt represents the low-level execution.

Vision is important. But absent execution, vision remains a picture of what can be. Execution makes vision a reality. The incremental steps toward realizing a strategic vision are critical. The logical encapsulation of these steps is phasing.
Execution makes vision a reality.
Proper phasing has a dependency on resources. A strategy is not a strategy unless it’s properly resourced. The dichotomy of limited resources and boundless vision is the world that startups live in. The necessity for resources is the seed of innovation. Startups are forced to work hard and work smart. That’s why they are the source of disruption. The innovator’s dilemma is real.
The necessity for resources is the seed of innovation.
Progression in a startup is difficult. Any leader on the ground floor of a startup understands the necessity of living in both the clouds and dirt. Battling the impulses of System 1 is a constant. Organizational self-awareness is key to phase execution. You must define the North Star. Liberty Supply’s is customer experience. Optimizing customer experience encapsulates our clouds and dirt. Start with customers. Work backward. Repeat.

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