At Liberty Supply, we take a customer-first approach. We keep this approach on the supply chain side by holding our manufacturing partners to a critical set of standards. It is understood by our partners that customers are our top priority.

We focus on five specific factors when determining if we will partner with a supplier/manufacturer quality, delivery, support/communication, innovation, and competitiveness.

Quality requirements are mandated to protect the customer. We spend a considerable amount of time focusing on product quality, company operations, and brand reputation. Without quality, we will not have consistent results. High-quality supply chain partners have a very repeatable product, process, and outcome.

Delivery has gained worldwide attention with the business model surrounding Amazon. We take a much different strategy. We require our partners to communicate proactively with every shipment. We understand that changes happen; what is unacceptable is a lack of communication around change. By making our customers the number one priority, we require constant communication from our partners.

Support/Communication is what we consider basic blocking and tackling. To be considered a supply chain partner of Liberty Supply, a supplier must demonstrate top-tier support and communication. This is our commitment to our customers and can only be executed by having great support throughout the entire process.

Innovation is necessary for any business in today’s economy. Our industry has seen much change over the years and decades. We are in touch with current industry trends and which partners are investing critical capital towards the future.

Competitiveness is critical in our business. We are not a business built on being the cheapest but being fair to what the market offers. We analyze competitiveness through the lens of knowledge, communication, and speed. If we can triage a problem or issue quickly, communicate that with professionalism, and deliver the solution quickly, we believe that makes us competitive. We ask the same of our supply chain partners.

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