1. Focus on what matters.

Humans are programmed to affirm. It is easy to get seduced by initiatives that do not map to a strategic vision and say yes. Yes, let’s include that new product or service because competitor “X” has it. Yes, let’s broaden our target market to include customer groups “X,” “Y,” and “Z.” Yes, let’s market to customers through that new channel. Liberty Supply needs to be mindful of its resources and operate with decisive clarity. We need to say no. Saying no focuses our resources on accomplishing our strategic vision; on accomplishing what matters.

2. Always do your best work.

Always doing your best work is the embodiment of a growth mindset. It means recognizing that you are in a constant state of improvement. Your best work today will not be your best work tomorrow. Always doing your best work is the manifestation of discipline. It lives at the intersection of pride, self-awareness, and drive.

3. Subordinate your ego.

Ego is an obstacle to progress. It stifles creativity and prevents the recognition of objective truths. This hurts the team. Subordinating your ego is the ultimate act of self-confidence. It exemplifies a meritocratic approach that increases trust and cohesion among the team. Trust and cohesion increase discovery and the capacity to solve problems.

4. Ask for help.

Not everybody can know everything. Asking for help shows that you value what others bring to the table. It demonstrates the desire to understand. Asking for help recognizes that others see things that you don't. It exemplifies humility. Asking for help increases cohesion and discovery, allowing the best solutions to emerge. It is the manifestation of subordinating your ego.

5. Speak the truth.

The hallmark of a healthy organization is one in which every individual can speak their mind absent of fear. Honest, direct, and respectful communication reduces friction and provides clarity, thereby increasing our capacity to solve problems. An environment in which people feel comfortable speaking the truth is the single best indicator of that environment’s health.

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