Welcome Luis!

Luis grew up in Riverside, California, where he was immersed in values like hard work and empathy. These values have greatly influenced who he is today. From an early age, he learned the importance of genuine connections, both in his personal life and in his approach to work. Raised with a strong sense of community, Luis has always believed in the power of relationships to drive success. These values of hard work, empathy, and community have not only shaped his personal life but also form the foundation of his professional life, guiding his decisions and interactions in the workplace.

Luis's journey into sales management was ignited by a fascination with negotiation and the dynamic nature of sales. However, it was his experience and guidance from mentors that revealed his true passion-leading and empowering teams. Through hands-on learning, Luis has developed a leadership style that is authentic and empathetic, fostering trust and open communication to drive sustainable growth.

Outside the office, Luis's life is enriched by a diverse range of interests. Traveling and immersing himself in different cultures brings him immense joy and personal growth. His love for music often leads him to music festivals, where the vibrant energy and diverse music genres create unforgettable experiences. But above all, his greatest source of happiness is his family. Recently engaged to an incredible woman who shares his passion for animals, their home is filled with love, laughter, and the delightful chaos of three dogs and two cats.

As Luis steps into his new role as Liberty Supply's Digital Sales Manager, he is filled with excitement and anticipation. He is not just ready, but eager to embrace new challenges, explore innovative strategies, and make a significant impact on sales management. His goal is not just to lead, but to lead with compassion, inspiring others to reach their full potential, and fostering a culture of collaboration and excellence. With an unwavering dedication, he is committed to making a positive difference and contributing to the ongoing success of his team and organization.

In both his professional and personal life, Luis holds authenticity, empathy, and open communication in high regard. As he navigates the opportunities and challenges that come his way, he remains steadfast in these principles, aiming to contribute positively and leave a lasting mark wherever he goes.

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