NIBCO LD-2000 Butterfly Valves

NIBCO LD-2000 butterfly valves are an excellent choice for commercial and residential applications. The valve body on a NIBCO LD2000 valve fully supports a molded-in liner at flange seals. This eliminates leakage between the body and liner, which may happen in cartridge or boot-type liners. In addition, it provides dead-end service without the need for a flange on the downstream side. A stainless steel stem materials with a one-piece thru-disc design provide strength. The upper and lower bushings are standard for smooth valve operation. A streamlined spherical disc offers high flow capacity.

The internal stem/disc drive on NIBCO LD-2000 butterfly valves eliminates the need for pins or bolts, which create additional leak paths, turbulence in the waterway, and/or flow reduction. In addition, their ductile iron body is more durable than cast iron and reduces breakage.

A threaded collar bushing (non-removable) provides positive stem retention (blow-out proof). Body and stem O-ring seals are available in EPDM, Buna-N, or Fluorocarbon. An extended neck allows for insulation up to 2". A “blind-hole” lower bushing prevents leakage.

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NIBCO LD-2000 Butterfly Valves

NIBCO LD-2000 series butterfly valves provide bi-directional dead-end service without a downstream flange and “bubble-tight” shutoff at 200 psi. As a result, LD-2000 valves are ideal for commercial and some light industrial process applications, including HVAC and vacuum services and hot and cold potable water.

NIBCO LD-2000 Butterfly Valve ComponentsNIBCO LD-2000 Butterfly Valve Components 2

NIBCO LD-2000 Butterfly Valves Features

  • Valve pressure rating 200 psi
  • 225°F continuous and 250°F intermittent service
  • Lug style
  • EPDM molded-in seat liner
  • Aluminum bronze disc
  • Stainless steel stem with copper bushings
  • Operating mechanism: Bare stem, infinite position plate and lock, lever lock, manual gear operator, and pneumatic/electric automation
  • Lead-free
  • Not recommended for steam service

NIBCO LD-2000 Butterfly Valve Specifications

NIBCO Large Diameter LD-2000 Butterfly Valves

NIBCO Large Diameter LD-2000 lug type butterfly valves provide “bubble-tight” shutoff at 200 psi and bi-directional dead-end service without a downstream flange to 150 psi. The valve is recommended for commercial and some light industrial process applications, HVAC, and hot & cold potable water.

NIBCO LD-2000 Large Diameter Components

NIBCO Large Diameter LD-2000 Butterfly Valves Features

  • Valve pressure rating 200 psi
  • 225°F continuous and 250°F intermittent service
  • Lug style
  • EPDM cartridge seat liner
  • Aluminum bronze disc
  • Stainless steel stem with bronze bushings
  • Extended neck
  • Operating mechanism: Bare stem, manual gear operator and pneumatic/electric automation
  • Not recommended for steam service

NIBCO Large Diameter LD-2000 Butterfly Valves Specifications

NIBCO LD-2000 Butterfly Valve Operating Mechanisms

Bare Stem

Bare stem butterfly valves are ready to accept your preferred operating mechanism.

NIBCO LD-2000 Butterfly Valve with Bare Stem Operator

Manual Gear Operator

Gear-operated butterfly valves use gears to regulate the flow of liquid or gas. A hand-operated wheel moves a disc that holds or releases the liquid or gas through a system. A gear system is connected to the handwheel through a short shaft, allowing the torque applied by the valve operator to go direct to the gear system. The torque is then multiplied through a gears system, making high torque-demanding butterfly valves easy to open. As a result, they are a good choice for high-stress environments and small spaces.

NIBCO LD-2000 Butterfly Valve with Manual Gear Operator

Lever Lock

Lever lock operators can be simpler to use than gear operators as they are quarter-turn (one 90° turn will open or close the valve) valves, although more force may be required. They can take up more space than other types of operating mechanisms, however. Lever lock handles are not recommended for use on 8" and larger valves.

NIBCO LD-2000 Butterfly Valve with Lever Lock Operator

Other Operating Mechanisms Available

  • Infinite Position Plate & Lock
  • Pneumatic/Electric Actuators

    NIBCO LD-2000 Butterfly Valve Installation

    NIBCO LD-2000 butterfly valves, depending on size and pressure rating, are designed to mate with Class 125/150 flanges. In addition, cast iron and steel flat-face flanges can be used with all NIBCO butterfly valves.

    The internal diameter of flanges, fittings, and pipe must be compatible with the butterfly valve for proper seal-face integrity and disc operation. The valve’s disc extends outward from the body when in the open position. Therefore, the internal diameter of connecting components must be large enough to allow clearance for the disc to open fully.

    NIBCO LD-2000 butterfly valves have an integral rubber face that seals to the attaching flange; therefore, a separate gasket is unnecessary. However, the flange’s inside diameter must not be too large, or it will not mate properly with this integral seal. Verify the inside diameter and clearance dimensions of all components connecting directly to a butterfly valve.

    NIBCO butterfly valves are bi-directional and may be installed with the flow in either direction. These valves can be installed in any horizontal or vertical position. If a choice of stem positions exists, the valve should be installed with the stem in the horizontal position; this will minimize seat wear by evenly distributing the stem and disc weight. Also, the horizontal stem position is highly preferred if the media is abrasive.

    Butterfly valves should be installed with a minimum of six pipe diameters, upstream and downstream, from other line components. This is not always practical, but having as much distance as possible is essential. Interference may occur when valves are installed directly to the outlet flange of a swing check, silent check, or reducing flange. Check valve and butterfly valve combinations are prevalent, and a short spool piece is typically required between the valves.

    When using a NIBCO LD-2000 butterfly valve with a gear operator, it may be desirable to have the hand wheel positioned to allow easy access or an optional adjustable sprocket rim (chain wheel) to be installed for remote operation. Before valve installation, review the installation manual's Gear Operator Installation and Hand Wheel Positioning section.

    NIBCO LD-2000 Butterfly Valve Installation, Operation & Maintenance Guidelines

    Factors to Consider When Choosing a Butterfly Valve

    Operating Life – NIBCO butterfly valves provide many maintenance-free cycles and accommodate “bubble tight” shut-off over the life of the valve.

    Pressure Drop – Excessive pressure drops cause energy costs to increase. Valves can contribute to pressure drop. Other factors that affect pressure drop include:

      • Flow area of piping
      • Friction loss against pipe walls
      • Change of flow direction via fittings

    The flow characteristics of butterfly valves are three times better than globe valves and approximately 75% of an equivalent gate valve.

    Versatility – Butterfly valves can be used for on/off service and throttling/balancing. They are superior in “versatility” compared to a gate or globe valve. In addition, butterfly valves have a more comprehensive range of chemical resistance due to the trim options and choice of elastomeric liners.

    Weight – Installation dollars can be saved by using lightweight butterfly valves compared to heavyweight cast iron valves; i.e., a 10" butterfly may weigh 55 pounds, whereas a 10" iron gate may weigh 490 pounds. This can be important savings when calculated over an entire system. The heavier the system, the stronger the pipe hangers, and the more expensive they become. So, by considering the weight of a valve, one can also reduce piping system costs.

    Physical Size – Butterfly valves take up approximately a sixth of the space of a gate valve. Every cubic foot of a building costs money. For example:

      • A 10" butterfly valve is about 21" high
      • A 10" iron gate is about 43" high

    “Bubble Tight” Shut-Off – Gate and globe (metal to metal) valve seats cannot provide “bubble tight” shut-off. Resilient seated butterfly valves are “bubble tight” by design.

    Ease of Operation – Butterfly valves offer a 1/4 turn (90°) open to close. Gate and globe valves require multiple turns to open and close. The ease of opening or closing a butterfly valve means they can employ less expensive operators.

    Cost – A butterfly valve is generally 40% the cost of an iron gate valve with not only a low initial cost but a low installation as well.

    Maintenance – Properly installed butterfly valves are virtually self-cleaning and are less susceptible to failure due to trash material in the line.

    NIBCO LD-2000 Butterfly Valves Warranty

    NIBCO 5-Year 125% Warranty

    LD-2000 butterfly valves are covered by NIBCO’s Pressure-Rated Metal Valves Limited Warranty. NIBCO warrants each NIBCO pressure-rated metal valve to be free from defects in materials and workmanship under normal use, service, and maintenance by the product specifications for five years from installation.

    NIBCO will repair or replace valves determined to have failed solely because of a defect in materials or workmanship under normal use, service, and maintenance during the warranty period. In the event of the replacement of any valve, NIBCO will pay the owner the greater of 25% percent of the price of the valve according to the published suggested list price in effect at the time of purchase, or $10, to apply on the cost of the installation.

    Read the full NIBCO Pressure Rated Metal Valves Limited Warranty.

    Other NIBCO Butterfly Valves

    NIBCO offers a wide range of butterfly valves in various materials, such as cast iron, ductile iron, and PVC, and sizes with wafer lug, grooved, or press end connections. No matter the application, NIBCO has a butterfly valve that will do the job.

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