Welcome Mike! Liberty Supply's New Technical Sales Representative

Mike Hudek started his career as a CNC lathe operator but wanted to challenge himself more. Eventually, he found his way into the supply chain business for the oil and gas industry. There, he started as a driver/warehouse worker, but his drive and ambition led Mike to become one of their most driven and dedicated inside sales representatives.

Growing up with two younger brothers in a single-income family taught Mike to take care of what he had or learn how to fix what was broken. He was always curious about how the individual pieces in toys and electronics worked, and eventually found himself taking apart every toy or electronic he had and putting it back together again. Mike is eager to learn why things work, what it takes to make them work, and how they can be improved.

Mike has been married to his beautiful wife for five years and has a 15-year-old daughter, a 21-month-old son, and a mini Aussie doodle. Everything he does is for his family; they are hands down his biggest passion, which is why he is so dedicated to constantly bettering himself. Mike wants his children to know that if they put in the work and time, anything is possible. Mike's other hobbies include tinkering with vehicles, building computers, playing the occasional computer game (Call Of Duty), and anything involving puzzles and thinking.

Mike is excited about this next chapter, taking on new challenges and gaining more expertise in the ever-growing and expanding HVAC industry. We at Liberty Supply are equally excited to have him join us as our Technical Sales Representative. Mike can be reached at mike@libertysupply.com.

Mike Hudek and daughter

Mike Hudek's dog

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