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Bussmann, a brand within Eaton's electrical business, is a leading manufacturer of high-quality fuses. Bussmann fuses provide overcurrent protection in electrical circuits, safeguarding infrastructure, equipment, and personnel from the potential hazards of overcurrent and short-circuit conditions. They are often used in industrial or commercial facilities to provide reliable, maximum protection to power systems.

Bussmann offers a wide range of fuses, such as cartridge fuses, high-speed fuses, and electronic fuses, each designed for specific applications and industries. Two of their most popular fuse series are the LP-CC and FNQ-R, several models of which are available online now.

LP-CC Series fuses offer fast-acting protection for low-voltage circuits, with current ratings up to 30 amps and voltage ratings up to 600 volts. These fuses are ideal for industrial control panels, power distribution systems, and other applications requiring reliable circuit protection.

FNQ-R Series fuses are designed for control circuits and offer time-delay protection for circuits with high inrush currents. With their compact size and ability to handle high currents, these fuses are popular for various applications.

Liberty Supply offers several other series and models of Bussmann fuses online, but if you can't find what you need, email or call us for assistance.

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